added Foot Traffic Dataset & Facteus’ new Card Transactions Dataset ‘Arbiter’ Now Available

📣 Exabel has two new integrated datasets available on our alternative data platform! 📣


February 2024 update

This month, we introduced customizable model weights in the KPI Analyzer, allowing more control for advanced users. Also, new probability distribution charts aid in visualizing KPI prediction uncertainty. Other improvements include relative and rolling consensus revisions, error alerts and live logs in Import Jobs, streamlined UI enhancements, and various bug fixes.


Freight Market Intelligence Data from FreightWaves Now Available

📣 Exabel partners with FreightWaves, a provider of freight market intelligence data, to integrate their SONAR dataset into our alternative data platform for investors.


January 2024 update

The latest release introduces a company-centric Data Explorer for easy navigation and comparison of data sets, while the KPI Analyzer now supports adding new KPIs and improved visualization of data trends. We've enhanced currency support to allow setting currency during data import and simplify currency conversion in signal expressions. The update also includes an improved application navbar, print-to-PDF for dashboards, and many more enhancements and bug fixes.


Deprecated signal tags

We have deprecated "signal" tags in favour of "data set" tags (introduced in October 2023), which serve the same purpose of providing an automatically maintained tag with all companies / entities in a data set, in a much more elegant way.


December 2023 update

Happy New Year! We wrapped up 2023 with a slate of significant product releases. It is now possible to create new custom mappings & models directly in the KPI Analyzer, get more transparency on KPI results through additional KPI analysis widgets, and browse/manage KPI mappings more effectively in the KPI Mapper. Outside of KPI analysis, we've also added numerous enhancements and bug fixes to charts, dashboards, the signal DSL, and other features.


October 2023 update

In the past 2 months, we've rolled out several exciting features. Firstly, there's a sleek new company page providing comprehensive insights, including KPI analysis, vendor coverage, and quick links to drill-downs and financial models. We've revamped the KPI Analyzer to make it easier to monitor and predict KPIs, and introduced Auto models that combine data from all your KPI mappings to improve prediction accuracy. Additionally, we've introduced data set tags for efficient data management, and made various enhancements and bug fixes. Check out the full details below.


New company pages

We have introduced new company overview pages that summarize the most pertinent information about any company you search for, including KPI analysis, vendor coverage, and available drill-down and financial model views.


August 2023 update

New KPI Analyzer & Mapper features for analyzing company KPIs and doing KPI mapping; DSL improvements for time series selection, Visible Alpha & forecasting; and other improvements & fixes.


July 2023 update

New Similarweb API integration, additional Visible Alpha consensus metrics, and various other improvements and bug fixes.