Search entities

Currently, only companies, securities and listings can be searched.

If multiple search terms are present, each search is performed individually, with results returned in separate SearchResult objects.

Companies may be searched by any of the following fields:

  • isin (International Securities Identification Number)
  • mic (Market Identifier Code) and ticker
  • bloomberg_ticker (eg AAPL US)
  • bloomberg_symbol (eg AAPL US Equity)
  • figi (Financial Instruments Global Identifier)
  • factset_identifier: either FactSet entity identifier or FactSet permanent identifier ("FSYM_ID")
  • text

mic and ticker must come in pairs, with mic immediately before ticker. Each pair is treated as one search query.

The text field supports free text search for ISINs, tickers and/or company names. If a search term is sufficiently long, a prefix search will be performed. Up to five companies are returned for each search.

Securities may be searched by isin or mic/ticker. Listings may be searched by mic/ticker.

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