Mapping to Companies & Securities

Connecting your data to a universe of companies and securities

Most investment analytics workflows ultimately look to relate signal data back to companies and securities, in order to benchmark against & predict company fundamental and consensus data, or to use in trading strategies.

Exabel provides a pre-loaded set of global companies and equity securities as part of the foundational data available to all users. This includes a range of identifiers with which you may map your data:

  • Bloomberg Ticker or Bloomberg Symbol (eg AAPL US or AAPL US Equity for Apple Inc.)
  • MIC + Ticker (eg XNAS:AAPL)
  • FIGI (eg BBG001S5N8V8) - note that FIGIs are available on 3 levels: security (FIGI share class), regional (FIGI composite) & listing
  • ISIN (eg US0378331005)
  • Factset entity ID (eg 000C7F-E)
  • Factset permanent identifier, aka FSYM_ID (eg R85KLC-S) - note that FSYM_ISs are available on 3 levels: security, regional & listing

The following graphic shows how pre-loaded entities and identifiers relate to each other, and how you may connect these to your own custom data model.


You may then import signals and time series data at company-level, by providing these identifiers directly.


Identifiers are always mapped back to companies

When you use the company/security identifiers above for data imports, your data is mapped to the corresponding company entity.

Currently, we do not support mapping your data to the security / regional / listing entities.

Alternatively, as in the example above, you may create your own custom entities to model your data, linking your new entities to the existing company universe.