Entity types

An entity type is a group of entities having similar real world meaning, for instance company, web domain, brand, or region. Every entity has a single entity type.

Exabel provides a set of global entity types, with pre-loaded entities:

Entity typeResource nameCan be listed

A regional is a group of listings (of the same security) with the same trading currency in the same region.

You can also create entity types in your own namespace. The complete list of available entity types can be retrieved using List entity types.

Some entity types are marked as associative, representing a many-to-many relationship in the Data API graph. Entities of associative entity types will normally not show in search results, but they act as connections in order to connect a signal to a pair of entities.

The collection id for entity types is entityTypes.


An entity is an instance of any one of the entity types, such as a company or a brand. The full resource name for an entity is entityTypes/ns.type/entities/ns.name. For example, the company entity referring to Apple, Inc. has the resource name entityTypes/company/entities/F_000C7F-E. (Note that the identifier does not specify any namespace since the entity belongs to the global namespace.)

A large number of entities are created and managed by Exabel. Those entities cover all publicly listed companies on a large number of exchanges, their corresponding securities and listings, as well as a large number of private companies. Some of those entity types are too large to be listed as shown in the above table, but they can be searched for.

When searching for entities, you must provide the entity type of the entities and set of search terms. The list of search terms are supported for different entity types is provided below:

FieldsSupported entitiesExampleComments
ISINCompanies, securitiesUS-000402625-0International Securities Identification Number.
MIC and tickerCompanies, securities, listingsXNAS and AAPLMarket Identifier Code. Must be present in pairs, with MIC immediately before ticker. One such pair is treated as one search query.
bloomberg_tickerCompaniesHSBA LNA Bloomberg ticker. Only works for currently listed tickers.
bloomberg_symbolCompaniesHSBA LN EquityA Bloomberg ticker, optionally with its symbol. Only works for currently listed tickers.
factset_identifierCompaniesWWDPYB-SEither a FactSet entity identifier or a FactSet permanent identifier (also known as "FSYM_ID").
FIGICompaniesBBG001S696H2A Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI). Only works for current FIGIs.
textCompaniesmicrosoftA free text search for ISINs, tickers and/or company names. If a search term is sufficiently long, it will also perform a prefix search.

All of the built-in entity types are read-only, meaning that new entities can only be added by Exabel. Customers can add entities with any entity type that has been created in their namespace.

The collection id for entities is entities.

-EntityService REST reference documentation
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