Partner / Alternative Data

Integrated, analysis-ready alternative data

Exabel is currently partnered with many alternative data vendors to integrate their data on the Exabel platform in analysis-ready form with live-data pipelines, and to provide curated Insights Platforms that come with pre-configured dashboards and example models and strategies.

Key points:

  • Exabel does not sell partner data. You will need a license from the relevant partners to use their data on Exabel.
  • Instant access: Exabel access can be turned on instantly once you have the required licenses.
  • Live data: all partners are integrated with live data pipelines, so no additional work is needed once you decide to put your analytics into production / trading on live data.
  • Analysis-ready: partner data is already mapped to tickers. Where the partner has data available at more granular levels, such as at brand / segment-level, these additional entities are also pre-loaded, connected to companies & tickers via relationships, and mapped to the corresponding time series data. You are then able to easily construct signals with the DSL that retrieve / aggregate / transform the relevant time series data.
  • Time series: all partner data is in the form of time series data. In the case of partners with "raw" transaction-level data, this is pre-aggregated into time series and made available at that granularity.

Data Catalog

You can browse our online data catalog .