Prediction Models

Forecast fundamental company and macro KPIs


We recommend using the KPI Analyzer

Exabel recommends that you use the KPI Analyzer for prediction modelling of KPIs. The KPI Analyzer uses prediction models under the hood for modelling, but provides a more unified user experience for modelling, as well as more details and visualizations of model results.

Our prediction models allow you to create quantitative models using advanced statistical methods, through a relatively simple interface. We aim to make the job on your part as simple as possible, while the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes by our modelling engine.

With KPI modelling, we are trying to predict a number ahead of its report date. It can be a fundamental value the company reports, a factor the data vendors report/aggregate on a monthly basis or just the next 1 month stock price returns we think a company would have based on certain input metrics we have at our hand. We can choose to predict the absolute value, a range through a classification model or just the direction for change in an underlying metric.